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The Whole World

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Dining Room / Homeware / Picture Post

I’m easing myself v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y back into the world of blogging. I don’t think I can quite talk about our leaking shower (ripping all the tiles off the walls, replacing the walls, putting the tiles back and it NOT being covered by the insurance…anyone?) although I will do I promise. We’ve also painted our bedroom other such delights, but they all seem like big scary posts, so instead I’ll let you know this: We bought […]

Woody Woody Wood Wood Wood

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Dining Room / Painting

In all the excitement of getting the new £10 side board, it took me a while to notice this: You don’t see it? All the freaking wood? EVERYWHERE! Sideboard, table top, cupboard door, kitchen surfaces…the list is endless. It’s just too much. So I played the ‘I own this house’ card and cracked open the white paint.  Slightly less insane I think you might agree. It was dead easy to do as well.  The door was […]

Do Not Look & You Shall Find

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Bargain / Dining Room / Furniture / Vintage Shopping

Here is a perfect example of how not looking for something really does work. We’ve had this Ikea PS cabinet for a little while, travelling from house to house, posing as a TV cabinet and a side board. I really like it, but it didn’t quite fit in its current role. It was too wide for our TV nook in the living room and yet a little too small in the dining room as a […]

Naughty Chair

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Dining Room / Vintage Shopping

So, my self imposed spending ban isn’t going that well. Welcome to our hause old rocking chair. Basically we need to break our Saturday routine of breakfast at Trove followed by Levenshulme Antiques. It’s a bad combination. But I really wanted a rocking chair! Ben did too! And it was only £75, which split between two is only £37.50 which is basically nothing right? That’s what I’m telling myself.  Excuse the wires I think we are […]

I’m Sticking With Glue

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Damp / Dining Room

Here’s a boring yet helpful post for you. It’s about my favourite subject, the lovely subject of damp. If you’re still reading you might remember that we have a small damp problem in our house. When we bought the place it had rising damp that had to be sorted (thankfully the sellers paid for this) but since then we’ve found the odd patch here and there in the form of unsightly blotches on the wall. […]

Catch Up

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Boring / Damp / Dining Room / Lighting / Rug / Spare Room

Here’s a slightly sleep-inducing round-up of a few issues we’ve overcome the past couple of weeks. ie these are all pretty boring and practical things that you might end up having to tackle in your own home. Yawn. *accidentally shoots self in face* 1) Damp Gate: Part Seven Thousand Backstory: You might remember me having yet another nervous breakdown over yet more damp in our small Victorian damp box.  Remedy: We knew it wasn’t rising […]


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Damp / Dining Room

You know when I posted a picture of our un-rolling rug yesterday? Well after I’d posted it, I was sitting at my computer looking at the picture and then looking at the scene in real life, and I noticed something… …it’s our old friend damp! AGAIN.  At first I thought it was a smudge on my computer screen, or even a smudge on the wall from grubby mits, but no, it’s cold and feels a […]


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Bargain / Dining Room / Floors / Ikea

I’m going to talk rugs again. I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you have exposed wood floor boards and live in the North West. Since we’ve had the floors refinished we’ve been trying not to be too precious of them. They are actually  the original floor boards to the house and it was built in 1902, so they are very much in their twilight years. It’s hard not to worry about them like you […]

Hello. I Love You.

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Bargain / Dining Room / Picture Post / Things We Need

Chairs are here! I’m in love with them in a weird and creepy way! Not only do they look amazing, but they are really comfy too!  They arrived in two parts, but we just had to screw the legs on to the seat which took no time at all! They feel really sturdy, although I keep telling Ben to sit down on them softly because I’m scared he will hurt them.  We went for the […]