Hello. I Love You.

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Bargain / Dining Room / Picture Post / Things We Need

Chairs are here!

I’m in love with them in a weird and creepy way!

Not only do they look amazing, but they are really comfy too! 
They arrived in two parts, but we just had to screw the legs on to the seat which took no time at all! They feel really sturdy, although I keep telling Ben to sit down on them softly because I’m scared he will hurt them. 
We went for the plastic option over the fibreglass for two reasons. One was just simply that this style chair with wooden legs only comes in plastic on bluesuntree.co.uk and I preferred the wooden legs to the metal. Secondly the plastic ones were a hell of a lot cheaper, I’m talking half the price. I was bracing myself as a friend had mentioned he’d seen some plastic and fibreglass replica chairs like these in a shop in London and he’d said the plastic one’s looked really poor in the quality stakes. But these are wonderful in my opinion. 

Lovely stuff. 

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