Woody Woody Wood Wood Wood

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Dining Room / Painting

In all the excitement of getting the new £10 side board, it took me a while to notice this:

You don’t see it? All the freaking wood? EVERYWHERE! Sideboard, table top, cupboard door, kitchen surfaces…the list is endless. It’s just too much. So I played the ‘I own this house’ card and cracked open the white paint. 
Slightly less insane I think you might agree. It was dead easy to do as well. 
The door was originally varnished so I applied two coats of Dulux Ultra Grip primer to stop any bleed through and peeling. I like that stuff because it’s water based so a) I don’t start tripping off my face quite so early on into the process and b) it’s so much easier to clean the brushes afterwards. 
Then just a couple of coats of Dulux White Satin paint with a small foam roller and an even smaller paint brush for the fiddly bits and Bob is indeed your uncle. 
*I’ve not been perked in any way by Dulux by the way, it’s just what we bought and enjoy using*

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