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I’m easing myself v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y back into the world of blogging.

I don’t think I can quite talk about our leaking shower (ripping all the tiles off the walls, replacing the walls, putting the tiles back and it NOT being covered by the insurance…anyone?) although I will do I promise. We’ve also painted our bedroom other such delights, but they all seem like big scary posts, so instead I’ll let you know this:

We bought the coolest tablecloth ever.

I was so sick of all the wood in the living room, and was lacking in much love for our dining room table. Then one weekend I was at my lovely friend Christina’s amazing Liverpool City Centre pad and on her tiny table for two was this map of the world tablecloth. And I copied her. Like, almost immediately. 
It’s from John Lewis and is £18 a metre. We needed two metres but I would have paid more because I love it that much. It’s made out of some kind of PVC wipe clean-ish material, but it’s matte and that’s the key here people. It’s actually pretty unassuming believe it or not. 
I, along with the rest of the planet, love a good map, and it means that if we run out of couples conversation over dinner we can just look at places we would rather be. ( I joke of course). 


  1. Excellent tablecloth, Ana – we have a poster of the world that has the weird foil surface of a scratchcard, the idea being that you scratch off the places you've visited; we will put it up when Laura tires of my jokes/Community references.Also – where did all the curse words go?

  2. Fuck this shit Andrew. :)I know those map, they are cool! Although I feel like I'd need to visit Russia to get some good scratching going.

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