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The Power of Paint – Hallway Edition

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We’ve been in our London flat for about 6 weeks now. If you (me) end up moving into a rented place that needs a bit of love, you (I) feel the need to get everything done as soon as humanly possible. It’s a very different feeling to buying a house and swanning about for 6 months before you pick up a paint brush, because you know your time might be limited to your contract. What […]

And We’re In

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Letting / London / Painting / Renting

We made it. We made it into the truck and up the six flights of stairs into our attic flat. We made it a whole week in Manchester with just a sofa bed, two plates and two glasses to our names. We made it through finding tenants and through cleaners who didn’t turn up and were mental. The last month has been pretty insane. Our tenants are going to be moving in on Saturday so […]

Woody Woody Wood Wood Wood

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Dining Room / Painting

In all the excitement of getting the new £10 side board, it took me a while to notice this: You don’t see it? All the freaking wood? EVERYWHERE! Sideboard, table top, cupboard door, kitchen surfaces…the list is endless. It’s just too much. So I played the ‘I own this house’ card and cracked open the white paint.  Slightly less insane I think you might agree. It was dead easy to do as well.  The door was […]

Lilac Vs Grey

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DIY / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post

I posted ages ago about painting our living room. We did the whole thing in Swansdown (Dulux Trade paint) and one wall, the one with the fireplace, in Dove (also Dulux Trade). Obviously this is a shit, pixelated photo (when isn’t it on here?) but you can see the colour so we are all going to have to just deal with it. At first I quite liked it. I’m talking for a few hours, mainly […]

Spare Room

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Painting / Spare Room / Things We Need

This weekend we attempted to remove some of the madness from the spare room. By which I mean a LOT of empty boxes and things that could find a new home. We even put some things in the loft which is novel, never had one of those before. Ben ventured up there because I was a little apprehensive. I totally fell for his cry of ‘Oh my god is that a COFFIN?’… I don’t know […]

Decking The Hall

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DIY / Hall / Landing / Painting

The hallway is shaping up nicely. Although we are so high on the intense VOC fumes from all the bloody glossing I’ve done that we might not be around much longer to appreciate it. Word of advice, bannister railings take FOREVER to paint. Avoid them at all costs. I was basically weeping into my pot of white gloss on Saturday, desperate for the torture to be over. Thankfully it is now and all of the skirting boards […]

Moderate Makeover – Home Edition

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Bargain / Ikea / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post / Stool

I did a little make over on a stool this weekend. I really enjoyed it and feel like I am a real blogger now because I can offer a before and after! Hooray for me. Anyway, I found this stool at my local Salvation Army charity shop. It had some dubious stains which the man in the shop assured me I could just scrub out. Y’alright love. I also have to admit that even though […]

Painted Living Room

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DIY / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post

We finally painted the living room this weekend. I’m still off my face on paint fumes. I can’t find the camera so I had to take some terrible pictures on my iPhone (3g FYI. Oldest iPhone ever. It’s terminally ill, poor thing). The whole process of painting two coats on the walls, priming and glossing the wood and putting everything back together again took about a day and a half. The first day was a […]