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A Home for the Black Mirror

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ebay / Living Room / Vintage Shopping

Hi. I’ve been holidaying on a remote island in Croatia but now I am back and I am here to tell you about our TV cabinet. If that’s not going to draw the crowds I don’t know what will. Remember this set up we had going on? (Hi there Michaela Strachan): Well you will be pleased to know it has been rectified for a princely sum of £30.  Everyone loves an Ikea Expedit bookcase as […]

Do Not Look & You Shall Find

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Bargain / Dining Room / Furniture / Vintage Shopping

Here is a perfect example of how not looking for something really does work. We’ve had this Ikea PS cabinet for a little while, travelling from house to house, posing as a TV cabinet and a side board. I really like it, but it didn’t quite fit in its current role. It was too wide for our TV nook in the living room and yet a little too small in the dining room as a […]

Naughty Chair

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Dining Room / Vintage Shopping

So, my self imposed spending ban isn’t going that well. Welcome to our hause old rocking chair. Basically we need to break our Saturday routine of breakfast at Trove followed by Levenshulme Antiques. It’s a bad combination. But I really wanted a rocking chair! Ben did too! And it was only £75, which split between two is only £37.50 which is basically nothing right? That’s what I’m telling myself.  Excuse the wires I think we are […]

Mirror Mirror

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Hall / Vintage Shopping

I didn’t notice just how bloody vain I was until we moved house and didn’t have any mirrors on the walls. I found myself checking myself out in my iPhone screen, oven and random car windows more than I’d like to admit. So as soon as we repainted the hallway I put up a mirror I’d had since my house sharing days, so I could finally gaze at myself in glorious technicolor before leaving the house.  It’s […]

Drawing The Line

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Bedroom / Furniture / Ikea / Manchester / Vintage Shopping

I’ve got a really bad habit of envisaging something I want and then after hours/days/weeks of fruitless hunting on the internet and in real life, I realise I must have made it up. Either that or I find it but it costs £3000. We’ve had a chest of Ikea Aneboda drawers since we moved in together three years ago (!) It’s moved house with us three times, it’s stored clothing of all shapes and sizes and it’s slowly […]