Naughty Chair

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So, my self imposed spending ban isn’t going that well.

Welcome to our hause old rocking chair.

Basically we need to break our Saturday routine of breakfast at Trove followed by Levenshulme Antiques. It’s a bad combination. But I really wanted a rocking chair! Ben did too! And it was only £75, which split between two is only £37.50 which is basically nothing right? That’s what I’m telling myself. 
Excuse the wires
I think we are almost certainly committing some kind of interior design faux pas by including a chair that’s basically ‘farm house/rustic’ into our current more ‘stream lined modern/mid-century’ get up. But who cares? I don’t! My house, my rules innit. I mean, I completely love the mid-century Danish rockers that are out there, don’t get me wrong, but they usually sell around the £400 mark and I think that might be blowing my spending ban out of the water a bit.
Anyway ol’ farmhouse is super comfy and in really great nick, plus Ben is having loads of fun rocking it and running away screaming that the Woman In Black is in the house right before bed, so I think it was worth the cash. 
PS I know that print of London place names is way too high on the wall, but it’s hiding a hole. Keeping it real yo.


  1. Nice chair … every house should have a good rocking chair, I think.And since you mentioned it, I've been admiring your London place names print – could you tell me where it's from & if it's still available?Thanks, from Canada!

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for the comment! I actually designed the place names print myself. I have the Photoshop file I could send you if you'd like to get it printed all the way over in Canada! Just let me know 🙂

  3. Hi Ana (again…) – I responded yesterday, not sure what happened to my comment, so excuse the repetition if necessary!Thanks for your generous offer to share the print file – I would love to have it. As I said in my 'lost' comment, it will give me some nice associations and memories of my trips to London and of your blog, which I very much enjoy.Here goes, second attempt to post!Cheers,Sue

  4. Found your lovely blog through luck googling black and white rugs.We just bought our first house too and renovating slowly but steadily. Buying the beautiful UB rug right away and off to our local Dulux trade centre on the weekend for some paint indulgence (strange how you can get a bit high on buying tester pots!) Thanks for a great blog!

  5. Hi Sara, thanks for the lovely comment! Ah good luck with your first house, I really hope it's fun for you to renovate! And great work on the trade paint it's SO GOOD and will make your life so much easier and you'll spend the whole time telling people how wonderful it is like some kind of Dulux representative!! (which I'm not I promise!) x

  6. I don't actually know Helen! All I know is that it really annoys me when pictures feel too high. That's really helpful though isn't it. x

  7. Don't worry, curiosity got the better of me and I resorted to Pinterest. Apparently you should aim for the centre of a picture (or the centre of the middle picture in a gallery-style collection) to be roughly eye-level, which is around 57" off the floor. Loads more useful info here: x

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