Do Not Look & You Shall Find

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Bargain / Dining Room / Furniture / Vintage Shopping

Here is a perfect example of how not looking for something really does work.

We’ve had this Ikea PS cabinet for a little while, travelling from house to house, posing as a TV cabinet and a side board. I really like it, but it didn’t quite fit in its current role.

It was too wide for our TV nook in the living room and yet a little too small in the dining room as a sideboard. It just seemed a little bit lost. So, I was on the look out for a replacement sideboard for a while, in all the usual places…but given the general size of sideboards I’ve managed to talk myself out of most of them with the excuse that they will be a ball-ache to get home. So I promptly forgot about my sideboard quest…
…until last week, when I was having a mooch around a really random second hand shop round the corner from our house. It was having a closing down sale and amongst the tat was a lovely solid wood sideboard, big enough to live in our dining room and yet small enough to fit into my neighbour’s Ford Focus estate. And guess how much? TEN POUNDS YO. 

I bloody love it!

It’s got that old furniture smell inside the cupboards that I really like. Kind of musty but in a nice way. 
I had a bit of a Google of the manufacturer ‘Minty Library Specialists Oxford’ and a few ebay listings came up selling bookcases of the same make/age for over £300, so I’d like to think I got a bit of a bargain. 
And it holds all of our DVDs and vinyl very nicely indeed. I still have to shove all my Will & Grace box sets to the back because Ben is offended by them, but at least they get to live in a lovely solid wood home from now on. I’m very glad I wasn’t looking for this sideboard because I am very happy I found it!


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