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Boring / Damp / Dining Room / Lighting / Rug / Spare Room

Here’s a slightly sleep-inducing round-up of a few issues we’ve overcome the past couple of weeks. ie these are all pretty boring and practical things that you might end up having to tackle in your own home.


*accidentally shoots self in face*

1) Damp Gate: Part Seven Thousand

Backstory: You might remember me having yet another nervous breakdown over yet more damp in our small Victorian damp box. 
Remedy: We knew it wasn’t rising damp because it wasn’t coming through the floor. So we called in backup in the form of Trevor the Damp Man and what he at first diagnosed as possible condensation over the phone, he then confirmed was actually water seeping through time tiny holes in the brickwork outside. As we live in Manchester, driving rain is a common occurrence and therefore damp with be a common occurrence until we fill those tiny holes. 
So we bought some Exterior Filler for £3.69 from Homebase and fill those holes this weekend we shall.

Backstory: I was confused as to what to do about the delightful hole around the light fitting in the spare room. I wasn’t sure any friends or family sleeping over would enjoy the ‘squat’ vibe it was sending out. 
Remedy: The lovely Helen of sent over this link to a post on Basically it told me I needed to find a ceiling medallion. After not having much luck at the obvious choices like B&Q and Homebase (no longer stocking them/sold out) I went online and found a nice, simple medallion for under £20 over on I’ve yet to order it, but I will eventually and then we can call this case closed. (Once we have installed it without electrocuting ourselves).

Backstory: New rug wouldn’t lay-the-fuck-down.
Remedy: Hmmm. Nothing has completely remedied this, but the masking tape option took it close to about 85% fixed. When we took the tape off after about a week we laid down some double sided carpet tape that we’d picked up at B&Q. I can’t find it on the web now, but it was about £9 and it looks a bit like the grip mats you put under rugs, but it’s sticky and in tape form. It’s not that great. It kind of sticks the ends down for about five minutes and then up they come again. So in one last desperate attempt to hold the bastard down I’ve just bought UniBond Removable Carpet to Floor Tape High StrengthIt was £8.99 but I’m prepared to take one more for the team. Just FYI you need to be careful and make sure that the tape you use is removable and also won’t damage your floors

And just like that, I’ve caught you up and will let you go forth and sort out your own boring house problems. Feel free to tell me all about them as pay back.

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