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Do Not Look & You Shall Find

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Here is a perfect example of how not looking for something really does work. We’ve had this Ikea PS cabinet for a little while, travelling from house to house, posing as a TV cabinet and a side board. I really like it, but it didn’t quite fit in its current role. It was too wide for our TV nook in the living room and yet a little too small in the dining room as a […]

Hipster Glasses

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Bargain / ebay / Glasses / Kitchen

When we went on holiday to New York last year we had some lunch in this overly cool place in Williamsburg. The food was ok, the waitress was a bit dismissive and it was basically a bit of a dive bar riding on the back of the hipster scene. The saving grace was that they served up Diet Coke in these really fun glasses: I love that photo of Ben. He looks like a nana […]


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Bargain / Dining Room / Floors / Ikea

I’m going to talk rugs again. I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you have exposed wood floor boards and live in the North West. Since we’ve had the floors refinished we’ve been trying not to be too precious of them. They are actually  the original floor boards to the house and it was built in 1902, so they are very much in their twilight years. It’s hard not to worry about them like you […]


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Art Work / Bargain / Crafty

Here’s something you can do when you are waiting for your computer to download a massive update that keeps on making it crash. Cover a match box in Washi tape! Oh yeah, I went there. I am now a crafter by default! I’ve got one of these Bjorkefall candlesticks from Ikea which is lovely, but I always leave a bit of a crappy pound shop lighter in the bottom of it for easy flaming. Can […]

Love’ly Carpet

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Bargain / Floors / Things We Need

We are finally rid of the red carpet of doom on the stairs and landing! Why would you choose red carpet? Seriously? The annoying thing was that it was basically brand new and also really nice and fluffy under foot. But it was red, so it had to go. The hallway, stairs and landing still have a way to go yet. We threw up some white paint at the weekend and I primed the woodwork, […]

Hello. I Love You.

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Bargain / Dining Room / Picture Post / Things We Need

Chairs are here! I’m in love with them in a weird and creepy way! Not only do they look amazing, but they are really comfy too!  They arrived in two parts, but we just had to screw the legs on to the seat which took no time at all! They feel really sturdy, although I keep telling Ben to sit down on them softly because I’m scared he will hurt them.  We went for the […]