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How Many Homeowners Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

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Lighting / Stupid

*This post is really, incredibly, dull for the majority.  We inherited these Next light fittings in our downstairs hall and upstairs landing. I’m not in love with them, but I we haven’t yet dabbled in electrics, so they are staying put.  A couple weeks ago I went to pop the landing light on to go upstairs and…nothing. Oh. But there are THREE bulbs in there, they CAN’T all have gone at once? Them’s some serious odds. […]


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Lighting / Manchester

I’m trying to write a post about painting our front gate, but I am losing the will to live. Fast. That and the fact that it’s raining (shocker) so I can’t get an ‘after picture’. The blogging gods are against me today. Instead I’ll show you my duck lamp: He’s not new or anything, Ben gave him to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I figured he deserved some screen time. He’s […]

Catch Up

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Boring / Damp / Dining Room / Lighting / Rug / Spare Room

Here’s a slightly sleep-inducing round-up of a few issues we’ve overcome the past couple of weeks. ie these are all pretty boring and practical things that you might end up having to tackle in your own home. Yawn. *accidentally shoots self in face* 1) Damp Gate: Part Seven Thousand Backstory: You might remember me having yet another nervous breakdown over yet more damp in our small Victorian damp box.  Remedy: We knew it wasn’t rising […]

An Unintentional Shrine

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Art Work / Lighting / Picture Post / Things We Need

Our living room fireplace is looking a bit like a rubbish attempt at a shrine to Bob Dylan at the moment. He’s not dead, FYI. It’s an attempt to hide the fire insert that I’m not really a fan of. I need to get a bigger/wider/darker frame and put something that isn’t human in it. I also thought about a fire grill instead but I can’t find anything big enough or opaque enough to hide […]

I Love Lamp

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Bargain / Lighting / Living Room

Well not lamp, light shade, but I wanted to squeeze an Anchor Man quote in. Next didn’t show the goods when I went to see if I could find this lamp shade so I gave up. We had painting to do and as usual my attention span is on par with a gnat. Later that day Ben and I headed to B&Q to get some sugar soap for the weekend’s painting (on a Friday night I’ll […]