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Bargain / Dining Room / Floors / Ikea

I’m going to talk rugs again.

I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you have exposed wood floor boards and live in the North West.

Since we’ve had the floors refinished we’ve been trying not to be too precious of them. They are actually  the original floor boards to the house and it was built in 1902, so they are very much in their twilight years. It’s hard not to worry about them like you would an elderly relative.

So you can imagine my horror when our lovely Eames replica dining chairs started doing this to our poor old floor:

You can just about see it in the picture…little round dents in the wood. It’s actually far more apparent in real life, especially when the sun pours through the patio doors (we live in Manchester, it’s not a regular occurrence, but still). 
I was worried. The little dents where everywhere around the dining table. We’ve been using the space a lot since we got the new table and chairs, so there have been people sitting on the chairs and denting the floors pretty much every day for the past three weeks. 
So it needed fixing. I thought about maybe getting some kind of sticky pads to put on the bottom of the chair legs, but was worried that they might just compress with people’s weight on the chairs (no offence friends) and end up not working. 
So once again, it was rug time in Ikea. Also known as Ikea Sunday in our house.  
We found this 260cm X 130cm Morum rug for £49.99:
It’s pretty neutral and inoffensive which was a must as we have a patterned rug in the living room stealing everyone’s thunder. It’s also really thick and hard wearing and mentioned on the label that it’s ideal for dining areas as you can move chairs about on it smoothly and without harming the rug. Basically everything we needed for a bit of a bargain price, given the size and all. 
The only problem is this:
It won’t lay flat. 
It came rolled up and per usual, but because of the thick, straw like material it’s made of, it just won’t unroll itself. 
It’s really bloody annoying. 
We had a bit of a Google to see if there were any tricks and the ‘masking tape around the edges’ cheat seems to be the least inconvenient for now. Most people suggested putting books or furniture around the edges, but we kind of have to walk through the dining area so it would have been a massive pain. We also thought about rolling the rug the opposite way but apparently that can damage the carpet and make it come apart (worse case scenario). 
So for about a week this is how we will live. I’d imagine it will become one of those things that we just get used to living with and then totally forget to sort out, so if there is still masking tape there in a few weeks I need to be pulled up on it. Also, how much of a random formation have I applied the masking tape in? It’s like some kind of window into my mind set. 


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