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V is for Vampire

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Art Work / Living Room / WANT

An example of why I don’t have any money. I buy overpriced cards on the internet and then forget. It’s been another fun post day.  To be fair though, I already had the frame and £4.50 is (a huge price to pay for a card) a small price to pay to entertain my strange, vampire obsessed boyfriend. Also, cheap art yo! The frame was £3.99 from Ikea and had been neglected because the mount board is a slightly […]

Put ‘Em Up

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Art Work / Kitchen / Living Room / Spare Room

This weekend, in between laying on the sofa, I put things on the walls. I love things on walls, especially when the walls are light and neutral like ours are. Sometimes I can go a bit over the top and it ends up looking like we live in a gallery space, but I kind of dig that. Anyway, here is a run down of things that are now on our walls (again terrible iPhone pics, […]

Copy Cat

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Art Work / Etsy

I was reading this blog post from this morning and fell a bit in love with one of the prints he’s put up in his kitchen. Lucky for me he linked to where his boyfriend had bought it from and within about thirty seconds I’d bought one of my very own. Another example of the dangers of a Paypal account. I think the geometric-ness appeals to my slight OCD need to have everything neat […]


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Art Work / Bargain / Crafty

Here’s something you can do when you are waiting for your computer to download a massive update that keeps on making it crash. Cover a match box in Washi tape! Oh yeah, I went there. I am now a crafter by default! I’ve got one of these Bjorkefall candlesticks from Ikea which is lovely, but I always leave a bit of a crappy pound shop lighter in the bottom of it for easy flaming. Can […]

Postcards, Prints and PayPal

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Art Work

My god PayPal is a dangerous thing. Click, click, oops-I’ve-spent-loads-of-money-but-it’s-virtual-and-I-didn’t-have-to-enter-my-card-details-so-it-didn’t-really-happen.  I swear the amount of mornings I’m surprised and confused as to what the post man has brought me is getting out of control. Today was no different, although I have to press the point that I never really spend over £20 on impulse purchases. I have some kind of in-build stingy mechanism that makes me stop before I click ‘purchase’. Anyway, this morning I […]

An Unintentional Shrine

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Art Work / Lighting / Picture Post / Things We Need

Our living room fireplace is looking a bit like a rubbish attempt at a shrine to Bob Dylan at the moment. He’s not dead, FYI. It’s an attempt to hide the fire insert that I’m not really a fan of. I need to get a bigger/wider/darker frame and put something that isn’t human in it. I also thought about a fire grill instead but I can’t find anything big enough or opaque enough to hide […]

Card Art

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Art Work

I did a bit of make-shift art last night. I had an empty frame that was asking to be used and I remembered I had these Tim Burton playing cards that were a gift a couple of Christmases ago. I’ve never used them to actually play anything because I ALWAYS end up buying last minute packs of cards for about £75 a pack at the airport en route to a holiday destination. Without fail. I’ll […]


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Art Work / Picture Post

To cheer myself up a bit after yesterday’s Damp Gate, I decided it was time to get some more art up on the walls. Putting pictures up was always the first thing I did when moving into rented places. I love how homely it makes a place feel and I’ve been desperately missing it since we’ve moved in. I was given two Stanley Chow prints for my birthday and Christmas and have been saving them […]

Owl Be Seeing You

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Art Work / Christmas / Picture Post

It’s not even Christmas day yet and I’ve already been spoilt with some effing AMAZING gifts. There is a bit of a theme going on and I’m clearly very predictable in my tastes, but that is why I love my friends in a very gay way. Sorry if I’m a bit gushy, I’m watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and it always gets to me. So presents. I was given this gift from my lovely friend […]