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Spare Room

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Painting / Spare Room / Things We Need

This weekend we attempted to remove some of the madness from the spare room. By which I mean a LOT of empty boxes and things that could find a new home. We even put some things in the loft which is novel, never had one of those before. Ben ventured up there because I was a little apprehensive. I totally fell for his cry of ‘Oh my god is that a COFFIN?’… I don’t know […]

Runner Running

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Hall / Ikea / Rug / Things We Need

I found a runner for our hallway in Ikea. You really can’t fault them for stuff like that. We needed something that wasn’t going to get ruined by people traipsing in and out of the front door with wet/dirty/snowy shoes, so it needed to be hardy. I looked at a few natural fibre one’s like this Jute runner from Argos and this natural looking one from Ikea, but they just seemed a bit blah. A […]

Love’ly Carpet

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Bargain / Floors / Things We Need

We are finally rid of the red carpet of doom on the stairs and landing! Why would you choose red carpet? Seriously? The annoying thing was that it was basically brand new and also really nice and fluffy under foot. But it was red, so it had to go. The hallway, stairs and landing still have a way to go yet. We threw up some white paint at the weekend and I primed the woodwork, […]

Hello. I Love You.

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Bargain / Dining Room / Picture Post / Things We Need

Chairs are here! I’m in love with them in a weird and creepy way! Not only do they look amazing, but they are really comfy too!  They arrived in two parts, but we just had to screw the legs on to the seat which took no time at all! They feel really sturdy, although I keep telling Ben to sit down on them softly because I’m scared he will hurt them.  We went for the […]

Designer Storage

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Bathroom / Picture Post / Things We Need

I mentioned a while back that I’d ordered a  Componobili replica from for some bathroom storage. Well it arrived last week and I love it! It fits the awkward space between the sink and the bath perfectly and stores everything we need! The original owners of the house had renovated the bathroom about a year before we bought it so not much really needs doing urgently aside from the massive crack in the tiles on the floor. It’s like […]