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Do Not Look & You Shall Find

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Bargain / Dining Room / Furniture / Vintage Shopping

Here is a perfect example of how not looking for something really does work. We’ve had this Ikea PS cabinet for a little while, travelling from house to house, posing as a TV cabinet and a side board. I really like it, but it didn’t quite fit in its current role. It was too wide for our TV nook in the living room and yet a little too small in the dining room as a […]

A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom?

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DIY / Fixer Upper / Furniture / Gumtree / Spare Room

I posted a while back about painting away the baby-boy blue stars in our spare room. Since that took place we’ve added a few bits here and there to our new ‘teenage boy’s room’. Seriously, that’s what it looks like. CDs, a desk, pictures of bikes…it needs some help.  First up the desk. Ben desperately wanted a desk so he could have somewhere to sit and ‘write’. Write what exactly, I don’t know, but what […]

Drawing The Line

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Bedroom / Furniture / Ikea / Manchester / Vintage Shopping

I’ve got a really bad habit of envisaging something I want and then after hours/days/weeks of fruitless hunting on the internet and in real life, I realise I must have made it up. Either that or I find it but it costs £3000. We’ve had a chest of Ikea Aneboda drawers since we moved in together three years ago (!) It’s moved house with us three times, it’s stored clothing of all shapes and sizes and it’s slowly […]

Playing Mind Games

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Floorplanner / Furniture / Layout / Photoshop / Spare Room

Back to the spare room. We are going to try and get some paint on the walls this weekend so I’ll be sharing that soon. But really we need to figure out how this room is going to work for us. It’s a bit of an oddly shaped room because it incorporates a chimney breast and some built in wardrobes (which were made for a baby and we can’t really hang anything in them as […]