I’m Sticking With Glue

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Damp / Dining Room

Here’s a boring yet helpful post for you.

It’s about my favourite subject, the lovely subject of damp.

If you’re still reading you might remember that we have a small damp problem in our house. When we bought the place it had rising damp that had to be sorted (thankfully the sellers paid for this) but since then we’ve found the odd patch here and there in the form of unsightly blotches on the wall.

Our best friend Trevor the Damp Man, has been over more times than I care to remember (to the point where he’s started bringing me DVDs of films we’ves talked about on previous visits – amazing/weird). Anyway he’s assured us these spots are only condensation and/or damp coming in through small cracks in our pointing. So we dutifully filled any cracks in the pointing with some exterior filler we got at B&Q and then we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. The blotches weren’t going anywhere. I got impatient and painted over them but alas the paint didn’t cover anything and the blotches were still there sticking their fingers up at us.
I was upset. I could only see the blotches…every time I walked into the dining room they were there being ugly and sad. Google couldn’t help, nobody seemed to have written anything about covering condensation blotches, I was lost.

Then one day last week I was having a chat with my boss and talking home improvement (she’s a big fan girl too) and mentioned my dilema. Turns out she had a similar problem in her first house and the solution, would you believe, is PVA glue! You know the kind you could paint on your hands in primary school and when it dried you could pretend all your skin was peeling off? So I went and bought some (from the pound shop, nothing fancy) and we diluted it 1 part PVA to 4 parts water and just painted it over the blotches. A couple of days later I applied a coat of paint and BOOM, they were gone!

Gone forever? I don’t know. The condensation may find a way through the PVA barrier eventually, but at least we know how to deal with it and now so will you. You can thank me later.

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  1. Genius! We've got damp stains in our communal stairwell (should have cleared those gutters out sooner…) and nothing seems to get rid of them. Might give this a go!

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