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Drawing The Line

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Bedroom / Furniture / Ikea / Manchester / Vintage Shopping

I’ve got a really bad habit of envisaging something I want and then after hours/days/weeks of fruitless hunting on the internet and in real life, I realise I must have made it up. Either that or I find it but it costs £3000. We’ve had a chest of Ikea Aneboda drawers since we moved in together three years ago (!) It’s moved house with us three times, it’s stored clothing of all shapes and sizes and it’s slowly […]


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Bargain / Dining Room / Floors / Ikea

I’m going to talk rugs again. I’m sorry but that’s what happens when you have exposed wood floor boards and live in the North West. Since we’ve had the floors refinished we’ve been trying not to be too precious of them. They are actually  the original floor boards to the house and it was built in 1902, so they are very much in their twilight years. It’s hard not to worry about them like you […]

Runner Running

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Hall / Ikea / Rug / Things We Need

I found a runner for our hallway in Ikea. You really can’t fault them for stuff like that. We needed something that wasn’t going to get ruined by people traipsing in and out of the front door with wet/dirty/snowy shoes, so it needed to be hardy. I looked at a few natural fibre one’s like this Jute runner from Argos and this natural looking one from Ikea, but they just seemed a bit blah. A […]

Moderate Makeover – Home Edition

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Bargain / Ikea / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post / Stool

I did a little make over on a stool this weekend. I really enjoyed it and feel like I am a real blogger now because I can offer a before and after! Hooray for me. Anyway, I found this stool at my local Salvation Army charity shop. It had some dubious stains which the man in the shop assured me I could just scrub out. Y’alright love. I also have to admit that even though […]

It’s Curtains

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Curtains / Dining Room / Ikea / Living Room / Picture Post

The reason we discovered the effing damp in our dining room last night, was because I was about to go and put up our new curtains when I noticed it. Due to the mini meltdown that was had following the damp discovery I’ve still yet to take ANY pictures of the dining room, with curtains, without curtains, with paint, without paint…you see where I’m going here. I do, on the other hand, have pictures of […]