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Damp / Dining Room

You know when I posted a picture of our un-rolling rug yesterday? Well after I’d posted it, I was sitting at my computer looking at the picture and then looking at the scene in real life, and I noticed something…

…it’s our old friend damp! AGAIN. 
At first I thought it was a smudge on my computer screen, or even a smudge on the wall from grubby mits, but no, it’s cold and feels a bit wet. You know it. 
After sitting in a bit of a mood and shouting ‘why meeeeee’, I waited until Ben got home and then we went outside to check out the pointing. It was hard to tell, there weren’t any obvious signs of holes or missing mortar. It’s pretty much 100% not rising damp, given that it’s just three random splodges in the middle of the wall, and also that I am basically an expert on damp now. I had a mild panic that maybe the shower was leaking but then realised the pipes don’t run down that particular wall and there were no signs of that anywhere else in the house. 
Ben called Trevor (our new best friend and damp expert) this morning and he thinks it might just be condensation. We don’t really open the windows as much as we probably should as the downstairs in our house is pretty cold as it is. We use our extractor fan when cooking but I guess it could be condensation and it’s manifesting itself on the wall in protest. Anyway, Trev will be coming over on Saturday to hopefully put our minds at rest, so fingers crossed. I guess it’s just something we will deal with consistently given the age of our little house. 
I really hate the horrible feeling I get in my stomach when anything like this happens to the house. It makes me feel incredibly grown-up and I’m uncomfortable with that. 


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