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Goodbye Beige Wonder

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Fire Place / Living Room / StoneLux

As I mentioned (understatement) in this post back in July, we no likey our fireplace. So we finally decided to do something about it, bit the bullet and bought a pack of primer and stone coating in White Limestone from Stonelux. I’ve read every review they had on their site and Googled the hell out of it and to be honest there’s not a hue amount out there to reassure you that you’re doing the […]

A Home for the Black Mirror

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ebay / Living Room / Vintage Shopping

Hi. I’ve been holidaying on a remote island in Croatia but now I am back and I am here to tell you about our TV cabinet. If that’s not going to draw the crowds I don’t know what will. Remember this set up we had going on? (Hi there Michaela Strachan): Well you will be pleased to know it has been rectified for a princely sum of £30.  Everyone loves an Ikea Expedit bookcase as […]

Relight My Fire

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Fire Place / Living Room

Oh my GOD I hate our fireplace. HATE. IT! And my hatred grows by the day…by the hour! I swear when we first bought our house I thought it was fine, that it was just the floor and the horrid wallpaper that was making it look bad, but no, it was the just the effing fireplace. I hope I’m not offending anyone who has a similar fireplace but it’s just not for me. I’d love […]

TV Drama

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Expensive / Living Room / storage

This is a post about a rarely seen corner of our living room – where the TV lives. It’s no surprise it’s rarely seen, given that that corner is fugly. Please, by all means, take a look (Spring Watch is on the TV by the way): If you ignore the Sex and the City/The Wire DVDs on the floor you will see it’s basically loads of black stuff sat inside a dark thing with a […]

V is for Vampire

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Art Work / Living Room / WANT

An example of why I don’t have any money. I buy overpriced cards on the internet and then forget. It’s been another fun post day.  To be fair though, I already had the frame and £4.50 is (a huge price to pay for a card) a small price to pay to entertain my strange, vampire obsessed boyfriend. Also, cheap art yo! The frame was £3.99 from Ikea and had been neglected because the mount board is a slightly […]

Lilac Vs Grey

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DIY / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post

I posted ages ago about painting our living room. We did the whole thing in Swansdown (Dulux Trade paint) and one wall, the one with the fireplace, in Dove (also Dulux Trade). Obviously this is a shit, pixelated photo (when isn’t it on here?) but you can see the colour so we are all going to have to just deal with it. At first I quite liked it. I’m talking for a few hours, mainly […]

Put ‘Em Up

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Art Work / Kitchen / Living Room / Spare Room

This weekend, in between laying on the sofa, I put things on the walls. I love things on walls, especially when the walls are light and neutral like ours are. Sometimes I can go a bit over the top and it ends up looking like we live in a gallery space, but I kind of dig that. Anyway, here is a run down of things that are now on our walls (again terrible iPhone pics, […]