V is for Vampire

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Art Work / Living Room / WANT
An example of why I don’t have any money. I buy overpriced cards on the internet and then forget. It’s been another fun post day. 
To be fair though, I already had the frame and £4.50 is (a huge price to pay for a card) a small price to pay to entertain my strange, vampire obsessed boyfriend. Also, cheap art yo! The frame was £3.99 from Ikea and had been neglected because the mount board is a slightly different colour to the other two frames I’d bought with it (which were for some more cool art I was given by my lovely friend Nat). So be wary of that Ikea lovers. 
Turns out I also bought this. I think I might have ordered these the day I dropped a speed bomb and started up my new smack habit. 

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