Put ‘Em Up

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Art Work / Kitchen / Living Room / Spare Room

This weekend, in between laying on the sofa, I put things on the walls. I love things on walls, especially when the walls are light and neutral like ours are. Sometimes I can go a bit over the top and it ends up looking like we live in a gallery space, but I kind of dig that.

Anyway, here is a run down of things that are now on our walls (again terrible iPhone pics, apologies):

1) Buddy Holly in the spare room. SO MUCH needs to be done in there, but the wall with the window is pretty inoffensive so I thought it might be nice to at least have one wall out of four near to completion. He’s a print we got ages ago at Proud Gallery in Camden.

2) Lost In Youth prints in the corner of the living room. We’d been waiting until we had the new sofa to put up everything in the living room, so we hung things at the right height. These prints are by artist Kristian Jones, I saw them when he exhibited at one of our favourite Manchester haunts, Common. Ben got them for me for my 30th. 

3) Andy Warhol ‘Marylin’ print in the kitchen. We got this this weekend at The Lowry when we went to have a look around their Annie Lennox exhibition. It was on sale for £25 in the gift shop (framed!) and I probably wouldn’t have bought it had it not been framed but the frame was worth the cash and the print goes pretty well in the kitchen. Frame. Frame. Frame.

4) Sass & Belle Flying Birds, in the living room. I got these babies for £15 from Urban Outfitters and they arrived on Saturday. They were a bit of a ball ache to put up to be honest (it involved wire and pliers) but now they are up I love them. I was trying to find something that wasn’t a picture to put in that space which it to the right of the fire place and these seem to fit the bill nicely. 
So there you go. 
PS I wrote a little article on changing a space on a budget over on Quidco’s new blog if you want to have a look!

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