Lilac Vs Grey

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DIY / Living Room / Painting / Picture Post

I posted ages ago about painting our living room. We did the whole thing in Swansdown (Dulux Trade paint) and one wall, the one with the fireplace, in Dove (also Dulux Trade).

Obviously this is a shit, pixelated photo (when isn’t it on here?) but you can see the colour so we are all going to have to just deal with it. At first I quite liked it. I’m talking for a few hours, mainly because it was better than the awful wallpaper that was its predecessor. Then I realised it was lilac. We’d painted our feature wall the same colour as a teenage girl’s bedroom in the 90’s. It was supposed to be grey. GREY. Dove Grey! Little did I realise when we were picking paint colours that grey is a notoriously hard colour to get right. It can be a bit too blue, a bit too brown, a bit too purple and a bit too yellow, when all you really want it true effing grey. 
So after a few months of hating on it I finally got the courage (ie sneaked off to Homebase) and bought a tin of Manor House Gray by Farrow and Ball emulsion. I was rushed and scared and impatient so I didn’t buy a tester. I’d looked around on the internet for a true grey and this was listed in numerous reviews for hitting the mark without the dreaded ‘hint of another colour’ factor. 
And then I painted it whilst Ben was out, because I’d not told him what I was up to. 
You can see how lilac the original Dove paint was next to one coat of the Manor House Gray. It’s SO much better. I mean, no amount of grey paint is going to make the off cream colour of our fireplace surround look nice, but that’s just something I’m going to have to deal with for now. 

But there you go. One painted wall in about 4 hours. I rate Farrow and Ball paint by the way. It dries super fast and two coats later it is lovely and even and rich. It should be for the £35.99 it cost, but it was worth it for the truth it told. It is grey and I like it. 

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