TV Drama

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This is a post about a rarely seen corner of our living room – where the TV lives.

It’s no surprise it’s rarely seen, given that that corner is fugly.

Please, by all means, take a look (Spring Watch is on the TV by the way):

If you ignore the Sex and the City/The Wire DVDs on the floor you will see it’s basically loads of black stuff sat inside a dark thing with a big TV on top. Given that the rest of our living room is white it sticks out like a sore thumb. 
Not only that, but our beige fireplace (that we are living with until we win the lottery) demands that the size of whatever replacement TV unit we find is restricted to 95cm wide. 
I hate the whole set up though. Inside the current unit (which is just an old Ikea Expedit we used as a bookshelf in our old house) is a home cinema system with 6 speakers, a sub woofer, our Virgin Media box and our rooter. They all kind of need to be in that area, and obviously the speakers should really be spread around the room for surround sound, but the whole effect just screams bachelor pad to me. I’m not exactly a flowers and hearts girl, but too much shiny black stuff annoys me. Plus it makes the whole corner so dark.
Ideally we would find a unit that holds most of the stuff that can be hidden (router/home cinema) with some kind of shelf that could hold the bits that need to be seen to be used and then enough space on top for the TV. But can I find anything that’s not a horrid glass ‘media unit’ or  £300+ or under 95cm wide? Nein. 
And then there’s the colour issue. Do we go white so match the other built in storage cupboard in the room? Do we go vintage wooden? Do we go space age? I literally have no idea. 


  1. You could make a mesh panel for the existing cabinet. That way your remotes still work but you don't see the black boxes. The panel would be light enough to attach with a couple of those magnet door closers. If the mesh was a light color you could stain the frame to match the cabinet you have.

  2. I was going to suggest covering it too but with a pretty fabric. We used to have a teeny tv (by today's standards purely because we didn't want it to be the focus of our living room. x

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