Sofa-cking Good

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Living Room / made / Sofa

Yeah. A weekend with the sofa. That’s how I’ve been rolling. Just me and my sofa (and some other people, but whatever) hanging out.

A few people have asked me if it was worth the four month wait. At first I was a bit ‘eh, NOTHING is worth that kind of wait’. I mean, maybe a baby or something, but at least with a baby you don’t have to chase customer service on a daily basis. Anyway, now, after a weekend of sitting/laying/sprawling on this baby I am sold. Last night four of us hung out and watched a film and we all had loads of room. This picture doesn’t do my favourite part, the chaise lounge, justice. Let me show you a close up:
That baby is w-i-d-e. Two people can sit with their legs up on that. You heard. It’s like a bed in your living room. It’s living the dream. 
See the long bit that’s not the chaise lounge? That’s a three seater sofa. Ben can stretch out completely and not even touch me while I am on the chaise lounge bit. Just the way I like it. 🙂
Here’s one more picture just for the hell of it. I’ll talk about the fabric. The fabric is nice and thick and feels like it will stand some kind of test of time. I really like the dimples too, they are totally what sold the sofa to me in the first place. 
So that’s how I feel about this new sofa of ours. 
How do I feel about, the people we bought it from? Well, I’ll still never be buying anything from them again. They have SO far to go before they will be a reliable company to shop with. After I had my big old paddy on here, I was contacted directly by the head of customer services who took charge of our order from that day forward until Thursday when we received the goods. As friendly as he was, he was still full of false promises. He assured me two weeks ago that my sofa would be loaded onto a lorry on the Monday and I would receive it a few days later. That turned out to be a big old lie given that it arrived a whole extra week after that. There was a whole lot of too-ing and fro-ing of emails and it got so boring that I can’t even bare to write about it. He was very quick to answer my emails and I had his personal mobile number and yet STILL it was a mundane and stressful ordeal. I can’t imagine what level of pain other people not privilege to this kind of extra service must be dealing with. 
Never. Again. 

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