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I’m back to blogging. In the last year we’ve sold our house in Manchester and last week we moved into our new 2 bedroom flat in London. Selling was awful. Aside from the obvious new flat side of things, it’s the reason I’ve finally put aside the time to start blogging again – so if anyone else is unfortunate enough to end up in our situation their Google of ‘Solicitors did not obtain regulations or indemnity […]

We’re IN!

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Buying A House / Homeowners / Picture Post / Vendor Hatred

HOORAY! Yesterday at about 4:45pm we finally had the keys to our very own house in our mits! It was very exciting and also very strange. Ben said he felt physically sick. We didn’t say a word to each other on the way to the house from the estate agents. My brain was buzzing and I JUST WANTED TO GET THERE. It’s lovely. It’s in a bit of a state at the moment, the vendors […]

Playing The Game

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Buying A House / Vendor Hatred

I’m really, REALLY not enjoying this whole ‘buying a house’ process. I don’t understand why it has to be so incredibly old fashioned. Why has conveyancing not dragged itself into 2011 yet? Why does it take people THREE WHOLE DAYS to answer an incredibly simple question? We heard back from the vendors today. They still only want to pay half the money it is going to cost us to sort out the damp problem in […]

I Spoke Too Soon

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Buying A House / Estate Agent Rage

I hate estate agents. Everyone hates estate agents. I also hate hormonal women who have no patience (I’m included in that sweeping generalisation) and pushy emails. We’ve gone from hearing nothing to silly nagging emails about exchanging in 10 days time! 10 days! That seems so soon! Maybe we are just panicking because we are spending a hundred and twelve grand or something.

Still no Hause

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Buying A House / No News Is Good News?

We’ve not heard anything from the solicitors, the estate agents or the hormonal vendor in a week now. I think we are both enjoying our time off from being grown ups. I also believe that neither of us want to be the one to call up and ask any questions for fear of what can of damp/electric/exchange date worms it may open. Maybe we can just leave it to sort itself out. Or just leave […]