We’re IN!

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Buying A House / Homeowners / Picture Post / Vendor Hatred


Yesterday at about 4:45pm we finally had the keys to our very own house in our mits! It was very exciting and also very strange. Ben said he felt physically sick. We didn’t say a word to each other on the way to the house from the estate agents. My brain was buzzing and I JUST WANTED TO GET THERE.

It’s lovely. It’s in a bit of a state at the moment, the vendors left in a hurry and clearly don’t clean that often anyway so we have a bit of a job ahead of us. Nothing was a big surprise though so that was nice.

There are quite a few big holes in the walls where they have been pulled apart in the process of removing mirrors and wall fittings, but I don’t think it’s anything that some Poly Filler and a bit of patience can’t sort out.

Another fun thing we discovered by accident is that the house has a panic button! It’s a strange box in the main bedroom with a huge red button on the top. When you press it all hell breaks loose. The house alarms started blaring and we were frantically running around trying to find the scrap of paper that had the alarm code on!
Anyway, we are very happy and excited and probably a little nervous. I think we will get used to it though. 

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