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In Your Face 90’s Door Decal

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Living Room / Picture Post / Vendor Hatred

We inherited this patterned glass door when we moved in to the house: It reminded me of a boho bottle I got from Camden market in the late 90’s. Not good.  It’s taken me the 7 weeks we have lived here to realise that I could actually peel off the mock stained-glass design. That’s a bit annoying really as every day it’s made me want to cry a little bit and all of that heart […]

We’re IN!

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Buying A House / Homeowners / Picture Post / Vendor Hatred

HOORAY! Yesterday at about 4:45pm we finally had the keys to our very own house in our mits! It was very exciting and also very strange. Ben said he felt physically sick. We didn’t say a word to each other on the way to the house from the estate agents. My brain was buzzing and I JUST WANTED TO GET THERE. It’s lovely. It’s in a bit of a state at the moment, the vendors […]

Nice Work Guys!

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Estate Agent Rage / Vendor Hatred

Well…Phillip James Wilson Estate Agents and Virgin Media have a LOT of to answer for today! The fact that everyone is still alive after I was finished with them is a miracle. Let me explain. I thought I was being nice and organised by booking in our internet/TV/landline to be installed in the new house after we have moved in on the 12th October. I went ahead and booked everything in online to get hooked […]


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Exchange / Vendor Hatred

Right before we headed off on holiday we FINALLY agreed on an exchange and completion date with the vendors. Only took a MONTH! The exchange date was the 28th of September. Oh, would you look at that? That’s TODAY’S date! And did we exchange? NOPE! Ben and I got up at 6am after a 7 hour flight to drive 4 hours back to Manchester to get to the bank to send over our deposit ready […]

Playing The Game

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Buying A House / Vendor Hatred

I’m really, REALLY not enjoying this whole ‘buying a house’ process. I don’t understand why it has to be so incredibly old fashioned. Why has conveyancing not dragged itself into 2011 yet? Why does it take people THREE WHOLE DAYS to answer an incredibly simple question? We heard back from the vendors today. They still only want to pay half the money it is going to cost us to sort out the damp problem in […]