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Buying A House / Vendor Hatred

I’m really, REALLY not enjoying this whole ‘buying a house’ process. I don’t understand why it has to be so incredibly old fashioned. Why has conveyancing not dragged itself into 2011 yet? Why does it take people THREE WHOLE DAYS to answer an incredibly simple question?

We heard back from the vendors today. They still only want to pay half the money it is going to cost us to sort out the damp problem in the house. Co-incidentally their solicitor, who is clearly on smack, accidentally sent us some incredibly personal information on the vendors in a forwarded email. We now know they don’t have their mortgage secured on the house they are buying and suddenly have allll the timmmmme in the worllllld. Which is funny because only three days ago they wanted to complete and be moved out this coming Friday. Funny indeed.

We have decided how we are going to proceed, but it’s going to be long winded and boring. Luckily I’m going to document it ALL HERE.

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