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Not Much

Wow. I’ve neglected this bad boy for something like four months now. If it was a child I’d be in prison. If it was an animal I’d be on Pet Rescue. I’m sorry. We’ve actually done a fair bit to our bedroom in the last few months, but with Christmas, a huge bout of work on my plate, my total lack of a decent camera (still) and studying to become a make up artist (yo) […]

Guilty As Charged

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Not Much

Has anyone else seen this? Am I the last one? Either way, when I spotted it on Living Longingly’s Twitter is made me do a laugh. How guilty am I of ALL of that? VERY. How about you? “Fuck your frame cluster with keys and a vent, antique sewing machine cum object repository, ornate lanterns, vintage suitcase with things on top, book stack, dolls and figurines, and your old globe.” I’ve not written much of […]