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How to Let Your House, Without an Agent, For Under £100

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Letting / Manchester / Renting / Tenants

I wanted to post about letting out our property in Manchester. This post is LONG and is meaningless to anyone outside of the UK or anyone who’s not letting out their house in the future. It will probably be meaningless to people who are thinking of renting out their property too, because it’s so long you’ll probably be dead by the end of it and your house will have been given away in your will. This was […]


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Lighting / Manchester

I’m trying to write a post about painting our front gate, but I am losing the will to live. Fast. That and the fact that it’s raining (shocker) so I can’t get an ‘after picture’. The blogging gods are against me today. Instead I’ll show you my duck lamp: He’s not new or anything, Ben gave him to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I figured he deserved some screen time. He’s […]

Drawing The Line

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Bedroom / Furniture / Ikea / Manchester / Vintage Shopping

I’ve got a really bad habit of envisaging something I want and then after hours/days/weeks of fruitless hunting on the internet and in real life, I realise I must have made it up. Either that or I find it but it costs £3000. We’ve had a chest of Ikea Aneboda drawers since we moved in together three years ago (!) It’s moved house with us three times, it’s stored clothing of all shapes and sizes and it’s slowly […]