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The Power of Paint – Hallway Edition

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We’ve been in our London flat for about 6 weeks now. If you (me) end up moving into a rented place that needs a bit of love, you (I) feel the need to get everything done as soon as humanly possible. It’s a very different feeling to buying a house and swanning about for 6 months before you pick up a paint brush, because you know your time might be limited to your contract. What […]

Mirror Mirror

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I didn’t notice just how bloody vain I was until we moved house and didn’t have any mirrors on the walls. I found myself checking myself out in my iPhone screen, oven and random car windows more than I’d like to admit. So as soon as we repainted the hallway I put up a mirror I’d had since my house sharing days, so I could finally gaze at myself in glorious technicolor before leaving the house.  It’s […]

Runner Running

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I found a runner for our hallway in Ikea. You really can’t fault them for stuff like that. We needed something that wasn’t going to get ruined by people traipsing in and out of the front door with wet/dirty/snowy shoes, so it needed to be hardy. I looked at a few natural fibre one’s like this Jute runner from Argos and this natural looking one from Ikea, but they just seemed a bit blah. A […]

Decking The Hall

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The hallway is shaping up nicely. Although we are so high on the intense VOC fumes from all the bloody glossing I’ve done that we might not be around much longer to appreciate it. Word of advice, bannister railings take FOREVER to paint. Avoid them at all costs. I was basically weeping into my pot of white gloss on Saturday, desperate for the torture to be over. Thankfully it is now and all of the skirting boards […]