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A Teenage Boy’s Bedroom?

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I posted a while back about painting away the baby-boy blue stars in our spare room. Since that took place we’ve added a few bits here and there to our new ‘teenage boy’s room’. Seriously, that’s what it looks like. CDs, a desk, pictures of bikes…it needs some help.  First up the desk. Ben desperately wanted a desk so he could have somewhere to sit and ‘write’. Write what exactly, I don’t know, but what […]

Table Talk

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We are slowing down on the DIY/home purchases on the lead up to Christmas so we can afford to do things like eat and put the heating on, alongside buying presents for people. But obviously I still can’t stop searching for stuff and adding things to my Pinterest boards. One of the next big things we are going to have to buy will be a dining table. We have one at the moment but as you […]