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Gifts / Homeware

It was my birthday this weekend and I was INCREDIBLY lucky. I got to spend time with lovely friends and family AND I received some pretty epic presents and cakes. But this blog is about our house (hause) so I figured I would just share my housey type gifts… of which I had a few. First up, this AMAZING Klippan blanket from my big sis. Klippan is a Swedish brand of pure lambs wool blankets in loads […]


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Cheap / Flowers

This is quite a girly post about flowers. Someone told me once that buying flowers for your home is like showing your house you love it. I like that as an excuse. I’m really getting in to buying flowers for our house. I think it stems (!) from the fact that I find it very difficult indeed to keep plants alive for long and flowers just die after a few weeks so I don’t feel […]

Goodbye Beige Wonder

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Fire Place / Living Room / StoneLux

As I mentioned (understatement) in this post back in July, we no likey our fireplace. So we finally decided to do something about it, bit the bullet and bought a pack of primer and stone coating in White Limestone from Stonelux. I’ve read every review they had on their site and Googled the hell out of it and to be honest there’s not a hue amount out there to reassure you that you’re doing the […]

A Home for the Black Mirror

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ebay / Living Room / Vintage Shopping

Hi. I’ve been holidaying on a remote island in Croatia but now I am back and I am here to tell you about our TV cabinet. If that’s not going to draw the crowds I don’t know what will. Remember this set up we had going on? (Hi there Michaela Strachan): Well you will be pleased to know it has been rectified for a princely sum of £30.  Everyone loves an Ikea Expedit bookcase as […]

8 Hours

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Bedroom / Wallpaper

This bank holiday Monday just gone (in the UK) we decided to be as cliched as possible and tackle some DIY in the form of our bedroom. It’s finally getting a look-in after 11 months of living here and to be perfectly honest it wasn’t as grateful as I’d have hoped. I’ll explain… Our bedroom has a feature wall consisting of this wallpaper: Totally inoffensive but totally no our tastio. We knew it had to […]

Woody Woody Wood Wood Wood

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Dining Room / Painting

In all the excitement of getting the new £10 side board, it took me a while to notice this: You don’t see it? All the freaking wood? EVERYWHERE! Sideboard, table top, cupboard door, kitchen surfaces…the list is endless. It’s just too much. So I played the ‘I own this house’ card and cracked open the white paint.  Slightly less insane I think you might agree. It was dead easy to do as well.  The door was […]

How Many Homeowners Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

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Lighting / Stupid

*This post is really, incredibly, dull for the majority.  We inherited these Next light fittings in our downstairs hall and upstairs landing. I’m not in love with them, but I we haven’t yet dabbled in electrics, so they are staying put.  A couple weeks ago I went to pop the landing light on to go upstairs and…nothing. Oh. But there are THREE bulbs in there, they CAN’T all have gone at once? Them’s some serious odds. […]