And We’re In

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Letting / London / Painting / Renting

We made it. We made it into the truck and up the six flights of stairs into our attic flat. We made it a whole week in Manchester with just a sofa bed, two plates and two glasses to our names. We made it through finding tenants and through cleaners who didn’t turn up and were mental.

The last month has been pretty insane.

Our tenants are going to be moving in on Saturday so until then I’m going to keep quiet about that just to be on the safe side. But I’m quite excited to write a semi boring post on how to be a landlord in a few steps. We waded through a lot of bumph to get to the point we are at now.

So yes, anyway, we left our house in Manchester on Sunday morning bright and early…

…and arrived in London at lunch time to get cracking on turning our little flat into our new abode. After about six hours of moving boxes around, hitting our heads too many times to mention and crashing on the sofa we were about here:

I love the light in this place, being so high up really gives you some perks. Great light, looking out of the window to see the tops of the trees, Canary Whaf AND the Shard. Is it worth the near-constant breathing difficulties I’m experiencing every time I climb the stairs, we will have to wait to find out.

They’re are a few things we need to do to this place before we can fully unpack. The living room is the main culprit, with its pea green walls and giant crack in one wall from when the building moved at point. The bedroom also had a delightful poo brown feature wall which I banished yesterday, so that’s one room ticked off the list although we still need to find some kind of storage that fits into the toddler sized space at the side of the room, but that can all wait for another post. The kitchen is a bit grim wall wise too, but I think it will shape up nicely when its had a lick of paint.

It’s a tricky one going from our own place to a rented property. You feel the pull to start spending money on things you can’t take with you and have to put the brakes on. But I’m excited about finding ways to make this place home without flashing too much cash.

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