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It was my birthday this weekend and I was INCREDIBLY lucky. I got to spend time with lovely friends and family AND I received some pretty epic presents and cakes. But this blog is about our house (hause) so I figured I would just share my housey type gifts… of which I had a few.

First up, this AMAZING Klippan blanket from my big sis.

Klippan is a Swedish brand of pure lambs wool blankets in loads of amazing designs and colours. I’d actually had my eye on almost this exact blanket and had pinned it on my Pinterest, but my lovely sister had no idea and obviously struck up some kind of psychic link instead. It really cosies up our living room and is so heavy and warm. I absolutely love it and reckon it will last a lifetime. 
Next up, a cute squirrel tea towel by Donna Wilson. He requests that you use his tail to dry your dishes. He doesn’t know what he’s asking. Ben has a habit of using clean tea towels to mop up spilled coffee and what-not and it really upsets me, so I’m hesitant to put this squirrel through that just yet.
Also from Donna Wilson came the Mog plate. Another thing I’ve been after for forever and another thing my sister stole from my brainwaves without even realising. Actually it was her boyfriend who bought it for me but I image she may have something to do with suggesting it. 
I’m trying to decide on the perfect spot for him and it’s giving me sleepless nights. 
And last but not least, I received this wicked little retro sugar bowl from Sagaform.
My mum had a dinner set very similar to this when I was growing up, although it was orange and brown and straight from the 70’s. That sentence makes me sound old. I’ve realised I’m starting a lot of sentences recently with “When I was younger…”. Shudder. 
So there you have it. Amazing homeware-y gifts for one very lucky 31 year old. Happy Birthday me. 


  1. I love all of your birthday goodies – what lovely things to receive! I'm with you on the tea towel thing – I don't have any fancy tea towels for this very reason! Perhaps you could frame him? x

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