How Many Homeowners Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

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*This post is really, incredibly, dull for the majority. 

We inherited these Next light fittings in our downstairs hall and upstairs landing.

I’m not in love with them, but I we haven’t yet dabbled in electrics, so they are staying put. 
A couple weeks ago I went to pop the landing light on to go upstairs and…nothing. Oh. But there are THREE bulbs in there, they CAN’T all have gone at once? Them’s some serious odds. SO there must be something more serious at fault? Maybe the light fitting? Maybe our electrics? Ahhhhhhh! Thoughts of an electrician knocking out our walls and rewiring things ran through my head. IGNORE.
As I mentioned before, Ben and I have no experience in messing with electrics. We also do not have any dads living in the Mancunian vicinity. So we did what we thought best to do. We left it. We used the bathroom light as a replacement landing light, we used the light from our phone screens, we took turns turning off the hall light at bed time and running into darkness. It seemed to be working for us. 
Anyway, last night my friend Rob came over. He’s a bit more practical than Ben and I and probably (and weirdly) the closest thing to a dad we have up here. He got up a step ladder on the landing and replaced the light bulbs. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? All three bulbs HAD blown at the same time! Apparently that does happen? Apparently it could be the bulbs or the light fitting or even the light switch, but at the end of the day it was a bloody blown lightbulb. APPARENTLY we could have just got up the bloody step ladder ourselves two weeks ago!
Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that the three bulbs blowing at once thing does happen. Who’d have thought. 


  1. 'we took turns turning off the hall light at bed time and running into darkness.'Sounds like a great game – can we play it tonight?

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