Mirror Mirror

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Hall / Vintage Shopping

I didn’t notice just how bloody vain I was until we moved house and didn’t have any mirrors on the walls. I found myself checking myself out in my iPhone screen, oven and random car windows more than I’d like to admit. So as soon as we repainted the hallway I put up a mirror I’d had since my house sharing days, so I could finally gaze at myself in glorious technicolor before leaving the house. 

It’s alright. It used to be white shabby chic and I painted it a dark grey in an attempt to make it fit in more to the current white/grey/depression chic thing we’ve got going on at the moment. But the thing was I loved my (fake) Eames Hang It All more and that mirror just didn’t go with it. 
Anyway, a few weeks ago I was having a look around the downstairs bit of Pop Boutique (a nice little vintage clothing and home ware place that’s not whacked up its prices too high) and came across a teak harp mirror that had the whole Danish thing going on. As you can see from the picture below, I bought it. 

As you can also see, we are back to iPhone pictures. 
Anyway, it was £30, which although not exactly pocket change, the thing is real teak! Any because it is real teak it’s insanely heavy. So it sat on the floor in front of the radiator for approximately three weeks whilst I built up the courage to hang it on our crappy plaster board walls. 
I eventualy went to B&Q with a view to buying some hard core rawlplugs and screws to keep that bitch nailed to wall. Instead, I came out with these Nylon Self Drill things. They had me at ‘self drill’ because I HATE getting out our current crappy Argos basic drill. I long for a Black & Decker cordless. Anyhow, you basically just screw them into the wall (they are specifically for plasterboard walls btw) and there you go. I used 4 of them in a row because I was scared and the mirror was heavy. I don’t think they are really recommended for extremely heavy items, but the 4 screws I used have kept the mirror on the wall for over a week now so I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

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