Drawing The Line

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Bedroom / Furniture / Ikea / Manchester / Vintage Shopping

I’ve got a really bad habit of envisaging something I want and then after hours/days/weeks of fruitless hunting on the internet and in real life, I realise I must have made it up. Either that or I find it but it costs £3000.

We’ve had a chest of Ikea Aneboda drawers since we moved in together three years ago (!) It’s moved house with us three times, it’s stored clothing of all shapes and sizes and it’s slowly died a miserable and painful death. Last week it took its last breath and became unfixable. It was a sad day. We decided that we would find an amazing! brilliant! vintage! solid wood! chest of drawers either on ebay or Gumtree and if not we’d find one the following weekend in a real life shop.

And so we spent the week with Ben keeping all of his boxers on a chair in the bedroom and me with all my countless pairs of pyjamas and ‘comfy clothes’ in a pile on the floor. It was a low point. Ebay and Gumtree were fruitless. Nothing of any worth and if it was it was too expensive/too far away to pick up/too expensive to post. Sigh.

Finally the weekend came and off we went full of excitement! This weekend was Vintage Drawers Weekend! We WOULD find something amazing! We are lucky in that a 5 mile radius of our house we have a great selection of vintage furniture shops. We tried them all. (If you are in Manchester, Levenshulme Antiques, Failsworth Mill and the good old Moss Side Hope Direct charity shop are always worth a look. Except this weekend they weren’t worth a look. There was nothing. There were hundreds of dining tables, dressing tables, little nick nacks and what not, but no effing chest of drawers that would hold the clothes of two people.

So we caved and we went to Ikea. I know. It’s all well and good spending months on the hunt for a piece that is’ just right’ but just one more day of seeing Ben’s boxers on the chair was enough to make me give up. Sometimes you just need the right piece of furniture right there and then.

And so we bought Mandal:

Sure he’s about £100 more than we wanted to spend, he’s flatpack and has zero history or dovetail joints, but Mandal is RELIABLE. He was there where we needed him. He was easy to transport home.  He didn’t have a funny musty smell that needed getting rid of and he looks kind of Danish Retro if you look from far away.

Sometimes you just have to go to Ikea so you can put your pants in a drawer.

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