Another Weekend of Painting

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Painting / Picture Post / Spare Room

This weekend we were total decorating rebels.

Not only did we go to B&Q on a Friday night (yo) but we picked out our paint there and then without trying any tester pots.

Bad practice, but we decided to live on the edge a bit. We wanted to paint the spare room on Saturday and had had no time all week to get any paint testers so we just decided to run with it and see what happened. The only thing we were a bit apprehensive about was painting over the blue starry wallpaper on one of the walls. It’s stuck to the wall pretty well so we figured it would be alright, but mainly we just couldn’t deal with having to remove it. It’s such a massive ball ache.

 I did a bit of reading up on painting over wallpaper and there were tons of suggestions from “don’t do it” to “add a coat of primer if it’s got a slight sheen to help the paint stick”. There were a million things that could have gone wrong from peeling to bubbling, to the paint just not adhering to the wallpaper, but since it’s our spare room, and since it was only one wall we made an executive decision and just chanced it.

We plumped for a colour from Crown’s ‘Fashion for Walls‘ range in ‘Boutique’, a greyish blue that is actually a bit brighter on the walls than in the tin, but we really like it.

In the spare room, one wall is mainly window, one wall is half built in wardrobes and the other two walls are flat and uninterrupted. Given that the built ins are white we decided to paint every wall with Boutique apart from one which we used some left over Dulux Trade paint in Swansdown (the pale grey we used for the dining room and living room areas). I think a full room of this blue might have been a bit much, even for the sunniest room in the house. 
So we painted the first wall with Swansdown (only one coat as it’s so thick and amazing) and then we started on the wallpapered wall:
Looks shit doesn’t it. It got better. 
The walls are still a bit wet in these pictures so it’s looking a bit streaky, but after two coats it was looking smart. No more baby boy starry wallpaper. We were incredibly lucky, the only thing we noticed was a tiny bit of bubbling on the second coat but as soon as the paint dried it disappeared. Another thing to note was that when the paint was wet, even on the second coat, the star pattern was clearly visible, but when dry there is no sign that there were stars there before.
Please ignore the terrible lines over the skirting boards. I need to gloss them neatly and get rid of all the paint I splashed all over them when I was apparently cutting in. 
Aaaaand here’s the reverse, you can see the Swansdown wall and some more of my terrible skirting board treatment. 
Anyway it’s done and I think the colour will really suit the room once everything else is in place. It was loads more fun painting with a bright colour over the pale choices we made for downstairs. Next up glossing the skirting boards and wardrobes, curtains, sorting out the light, finding a rug, a desk and moving in the sofa bed. Shazam. 

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