Playing Mind Games

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Back to the spare room.

We are going to try and get some paint on the walls this weekend so I’ll be sharing that soon. But really we need to figure out how this room is going to work for us.

It’s a bit of an oddly shaped room because it incorporates a chimney breast and some built in wardrobes (which were made for a baby and we can’t really hang anything in them as they aren’t deep enough – score!) The main bits of furniture we want to make sure are in there are our Ikea PS Murbo sofa bed and some kind of desk which we have yet to buy,  so Ben can write a special novel he talks about once every few weeks. Everything else can fit around as it’s smaller, like CD towers etc.

Until we actually get the sofa into the spare room (if we ever get our proper sofa for the living room from – never going to let it go so don’t bother) it’s going to be hard to tell. I did a bit of a ‘to scale’ sketch using and Photoshop, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I’m siding with Option 1 at the moment. I think if we can find a desk that is narrow enough to allow the sofa be to opened without it destroying anything in its path, then we could be rolling. 
Option 3 looks like it would waste a bit of space around the chimney area, but I’m wondering if we could put some shelving or something in there. The sofa bed needs to be able to open fully if we have people to stay so finding a set up that doesn’t mean moving furniture every time someone stays over is going to be a bit of a mission.
The main reason for doing this virtually is so we don’t have to move furniture around a freshly painted room too much, but I’m quickly realising that this might be the case anyway. All suggestions on how to win at the mind game are welcome!

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