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Hall / Ikea / Rug / Things We Need

I found a runner for our hallway in Ikea.

You really can’t fault them for stuff like that. We needed something that wasn’t going to get ruined by people traipsing in and out of the front door with wet/dirty/snowy shoes, so it needed to be hardy.

I looked at a few natural fibre one’s like this Jute runner from Argos and this natural looking one from Ikea, but they just seemed a bit blah. A bit ‘the same colour as the floor-ish’.

I saw this Andrup rug on the Ikea website and kind of dismissed it until I saw it in real life.

I thought it might look a bit hippy-ish (no offense to hippies) or like something I would have had in a student house, but actually it’s really not. It’s REALLY Scandinavian looking (shocker that it’s from Ikea) and I think it really brightens up the predominantly white and grey hallway. And it was under £30. 
It’s also 250cm long which is a bonus as our hallway is ridiculously long and most runners stop at 200cm. 
I like it. 

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