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Art Work / Bargain / Crafty

Here’s something you can do when you are waiting for your computer to download a massive update that keeps on making it crash.

Cover a match box in Washi tape!

Oh yeah, I went there. I am now a crafter by default! I’ve got one of these Bjorkefall candlesticks from Ikea which is lovely, but I always leave a bit of a crappy pound shop lighter in the bottom of it for easy flaming. Can you see the crafting lightbulb moment?

I had a box of matches and some Washi tape and tadaa! Pretty matches!

Not exactly rocket science, but satisfying none the less. Big props to Washi tape!
PS The picture in the background is of me and Ben and it was drawn by the film director Michel Gondry! Cool no? He will draw you if you email him a picture! I bought it for Ben as birthday gift a few years back so it was a bit cheaper than the current $99.95 but it’s a pretty cool keepsake. 
I look like a deformed Kelly Osborne. Here’s the picture he took it from:
You can see a whole collection of them here

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