Decking The Hall

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DIY / Hall / Landing / Painting

The hallway is shaping up nicely. Although we are so high on the intense VOC fumes from all the bloody glossing I’ve done that we might not be around much longer to appreciate it.

Word of advice, bannister railings take FOREVER to paint. Avoid them at all costs. I was basically weeping into my pot of white gloss on Saturday, desperate for the torture to be over. Thankfully it is now and all of the skirting boards and other wood work have been glossed in the hallway and on the landing.

We even put up my fake Eames (we have way too many knock-off Eames products) Hang-it-all. I got it on eBay for £45 back in October, as a treat to myself for nothing in particular. It’s pretty sturdy but I’m not sure how my weight it can really take. Probably more form than function in this case. 

We also hung the mirror I mentioned I’d painted using the same tester pot I’d bought for my stool make-over. It used to be a flat white shabby-chic style mirror, but I’ve had it for about five years and it was basically just looking shabby without the chic element. It’s scrubbed up nicely with a couple of coats of paint. 
Here’s how it’s looking from the top down. The pictures on the left are of Ponyo and Totoro, a couple of Japanese Anime cartoons I really like. 
We really need some kind of runner rug to make it look a bit cosier, but I’ve not found one I like yet. 

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