Postcards, Prints and PayPal

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Art Work

My god PayPal is a dangerous thing. Click, click, oops-I’ve-spent-loads-of-money-but-it’s-virtual-and-I-didn’t-have-to-enter-my-card-details-so-it-didn’t-really-happen.  I swear the amount of mornings I’m surprised and confused as to what the post man has brought me is getting out of control.

Today was no different, although I have to press the point that I never really spend over £20 on impulse purchases. I have some kind of in-build stingy mechanism that makes me stop before I click ‘purchase’. Anyway, this morning I bought some wicked little post cards and a print from Seventy Tree. It’s a beautiful little online shop run by Kerry of the blog also named Seventy Tree. Kerry’s prints are right up my street, loads of geometric patterns that totally appeal to the OCD side of me. I find great satisfaction in repeated patterns. I’m a bit like Rain Man, only not as good at counting. 
So this morning I bought the following three postcards at £1.50 a pop:
Nice right? You see the tape that’s in the bottom pic? That’s Washi tape, it’s another little obsession that’s been bought on by reading blogs. Everyone is talking about it man, it’s like the Sunny D of 2012. It’s basically masking tape with pretty designs on it and it originated in Japan. I think a lot of crafters are in to it, but I really like the way Kerry uses it to tape pictures to the wall in non-permanent displays…and I am totally going to copy her once my postcards arrive FYI. I have no shame. 
I also bought this great A4 print for £12 in my little mid-morning spend-a-thon:
I’m going to frame him I reckon. To be honest he’s a lot healthier looking than your average city fox (thinking the Crack Fox from Boosh) but I like him none-the-less. 
Looking forward to forgetting I bought these and receiving them in the post soon!

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