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Bathroom / Picture Post / Things We Need

I mentioned a while back that I’d ordered a  Componobili replica from for some bathroom storage. Well it arrived last week and I love it! It fits the awkward space between the sink and the bath perfectly and stores everything we need!

The original owners of the house had renovated the bathroom about a year before we bought it so not much really needs doing urgently aside from the massive crack in the tiles on the floor. It’s like a bloody fault line. Style wise I’d prefer black and white tiles and a bit more fun going on…but I’m not complaining as what we have should serve us well over the next few years. Plus our shower is the size of a house and is amazing. 
The estate agent’s picture below shows it how it looked when we viewed the house. I really wish they’d installed the sink to one side, or at least installed some kind of vanity unit as they clearly had similar storage issues to us and went with the ‘shove some storage next to the bath’ concept.
Here’s how it’s looking now. Oh how I long for a wide angle lens. Oh how I long for an actual camera. 
It could do with a bit more art work in there, we currently only have one framed map of the NYC Subway system, which you can’t see in this pic. 
It’s funny…I don’t love the bathroom that much as we haven’t really been able to make any drastic changes to it aside from a lick of paint. Like we are the evil foster parents who don’t want to invest too much in the bathroom-child as it won’t really make much financial sense. 


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