Card Art

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Art Work

I did a bit of make-shift art last night.

I had an empty frame that was asking to be used and I remembered I had these Tim Burton playing cards that were a gift a couple of Christmases ago. I’ve never used them to actually play anything because I ALWAYS end up buying last minute packs of cards for about £75 a pack at the airport en route to a holiday destination. Without fail. I’ll never learn. They are some of my most expensive purchases.

Anyway, my Tim Burton cards were sitting around doing nothing so I put them in the frame. Not much more of an explanation needed. I just picked out some of the picture cards for the centre and shimmied around some number cards around the edges. Then I used the age old ‘turn Sellotape back to front’ trick that our forefathers taught us to stick the cards to the back board and Bob’s you uncle.

Is it a bit Emo? I don’t know. I like it though. It’s sat in our fireplace in the dining room at the moment as we aren’t sure where to put it, so it will likely stay there for the foreseeable. 


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