Dinner Dinner Dinner Bat-Table

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So we went ahead and bought a dining table last week and it arrived yesterday. We ended up going with No Name table from John Lewis (as mentioned in this post) because he was on sale down from £299 to £199 with free delivery. (He’s no longer available so I can’t link to the site which is annoying and ruining my link flow, but here’s what he looked like).

So anyway, he arrived and it was exciting. All we had to do was screw the legs on using the spanner they supplied, which broke under my brute force so we finished the job with some pliers. 
Here he is all made up and ready to head out on the town. (Again, worst pictures EVER. Just had lengthy discussion about purchasing a DSLR so hopefully this will drag me out of this pit of despair)

His legs are solid wood and the table is oak laminate, meaning it’s real oak on the surface but MDF or some-suchlike underneath. This combo makes it cheaper and lighter. Ideally we would have  real wood table but to be honest they are expensive and we are cheap, so you do the maths. It feels really sturdy and hard wearing, and the oak top is lovely and will also hopefully be sturdy and hard wearing. It’s also an extender, in the picture it is indeed extended. Think we will keep it that was as it’s not as big as I had envisioned and looks a little lost when un-extended. It will easily sit four to six people, but it turns out our dining room is bigger than I thought.

Clearly we need some chairs. The ones we currently have are from Ikea, one of which I put together the wrong way and it slopes down at a funny angle making you feel like you are constantly on the verge of falling off the seat. Good for your stomach muscles though. I’ve kind of got my heart set on these Eames Vitra replicas in Sky Blue (four chairs for under £200!) but think we will wait until we have scoured the local antiques and vintage shops to make bloody sure we are getting what we want. Either way there will be no more white. It’s starting to feel a bit like an art gallery round ours. 
While I’m here I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and say ‘hey look we painted the walls in the dining room!’ They are the same colour as we used for the main three walls in the living room, Dulux Professional in Swansdown. It’s just enough to give the room a bit of warmth without really being an obvious colour and that’s what I love about it. 

We also painted the corner unit that was previously stained wood (surprise) to white (also, surprise!) It’s looking nice! I even put out all our nice books that make us look like we are intellectuals and used my lovely owl book ends. Shazam! The pic in the corner is my Valentine’s Day card from Ben last year. It says ‘You are the David to my Elton’. That’s how we roll. 

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