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Damp / Dining Room


Trevor the damp man came over this morning and told me it’s not damp. We won’t have to have the wall ripped out or re-plastered or anything horrid like that. He thought it was just some small holes in the pointing outside (pointing is the seams in between the bricks of the house where the concrete goes FYI) and he filled them with some putty stuff for FREE.

What a man.

To be honest I thought the pointing was OK, but he showed me that even small holes can let wind and rain get into the brick so it’s best to seal it all up nice and tight.

If you live in the Manchester area and need someone to come and check out your walls for damp then Trevor is so your man. He is lovely, friendly and loves Dexter. What’s not to love?

Gratuitous and completely irrelevant picture

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