It’s Curtains

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The reason we discovered the effing damp in our dining room last night, was because I was about to go and put up our new curtains when I noticed it. Due to the mini meltdown that was had following the damp discovery I’ve still yet to take ANY pictures of the dining room, with curtains, without curtains, with paint, without paint…you see where I’m going here.

I do, on the other hand, have pictures of the same curtains in the living room. The good old, reliable, non damp living room.

It didn’t take too long to decide on what curtains to go for. I mentioned before that I was keen on some Chevron patterned ones. I was imagining grey and white loveliness. But Ben wasn’t keen and then we went and got the Chevron rug, so that was kind of off the cards.

I don’t know about you, but as far as I can see, full length curtains from anywhere aside from Ikea just seem to be so incredibly expensive! That is unless you want them to be satin, which makes it a bit cheaper…but I’m not a huge fan of satin so really wanted a heavy cotton. Correct me if I’m wrong though and I’m missing a trick somewhere! I’d love to know! There are still more rooms in our house that need curtain-a-fying. Either way it kind of narrowed down the curtain price spectrum a bit.

Anyway, after briefly considering making some curtains from scratch (!!),I took one of many thousands of trips to Ikea to have a look at what they had to offer. It’s all well and good searching online but I wanted to feel the material in real life.

And so for £45.99 a pair, Vilmie Linje were purchased.

They look a bit tea-towely in the picture, which is why I wanted to check them out in real life. I thought they might look a bit like those scarves everyone was wearing a while back. (I just Googled that and it turns out the Tea Towel Scarf has its own Facebook hate group).

Anyway it turns out they don’t look anything like a tea towel or a scarf. They are lovely and heavy and the stripes are just enough detail to not compete too much with the zillion other patterns we have going on.

You can see them hanging in out living room in the terrible picture I took on on iPhone. I promise I will improve on the picture quality asap. It’s shocking.

I can’t even do a close up shot for you as iPhone will reject it. Le sigh. 
I hemmed the bottoms with the iron on stuff you get in the packet. It’s not too bad you know. I realised the trick is to iron both sides of the curtain to make sure it melts properly and bonds the material together. I hemmed them while they were up on the curtain pole…I think I might have gone a bit renegade but I for me it’s the easiest way. I find it means you don’t have loads of material getting dusty on the floor and you can check the length as much as you like. Obviously I used a tape measure throughout to keep checking the hem size but you get the picture. 
Hanging wise, Vilmie Linje have a pocket for your curtain pole to go through and also a stip of hooks which you can use with curtain tracks/hooks. 
And that, as they say, is curtains. 


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