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Art Work / Picture Post

To cheer myself up a bit after yesterday’s Damp Gate, I decided it was time to get some more art up on the walls. Putting pictures up was always the first thing I did when moving into rented places. I love how homely it makes a place feel and I’ve been desperately missing it since we’ve moved in.

I was given two Stanley Chow prints for my birthday and Christmas and have been saving them for the dining room and living room once they were painted, which they finally are.

Stanley Chow is a brilliant artist & illustrator and he does some amazingly clever portraits of celebs, film stars and sports personalities, but the prints I have mean a little more to me as they are both of Manchester.

Tonight I put up ‘Manchester Arndale‘. Doesn’t sound very glam does it? But it’s awesome.

I love the colours and the simple shapes he uses to represent our fair city. 
The second print is called ‘Welcome To Manchester‘. Ben bought it for me for my birthday and I love it. It’s so…cute. I love the dude with the rain clouds welcoming the other dude with open arms. Classic Mancunian hospitality. 
I’ve yet to put this one up as I’m waiting for our new sofa to arrive as it will be going above it and I want to get the height right. 
Check out Stanley Chow’s work on his site!


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